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LotTrack ID Card

The LotTrack ID Card is a smartcard equipped with RF and 1D barcode. It is used on wafer carriers, wafer boxes and transport robots for unique and secure identification.

LotTrack Control Suite

As the backbone of the LotTrack solution, the LotTrack Control Suite links all manufacturing processes with MES, automation, dispatching or other IT clients. Software modules can be integrated into the LotTrack Control Suite via a comprehensive API. This allows to meet specific automation and IT needs of each fab.

LotTrack DisTag on a SMIF Pod

The DisTag can be used with the existing holder systems for Asyst Tags or TelTags on SMIF Pods, using a special adapter on the back (easy retrofit). The adapter is designed in close cooperation with the customer, in order to ensure an optimum for operator assistance (inclination of the display) and to avoid collisions when… Read more »

LotTrack SmartPlacer

When a wafer box is placed on a LotTrack SmartPlacer, the device checks the integrity of the lot by comparing LotTrack ID Cards: Is the right wafer carrier in the right wafer box? In addition, the SmartPlacer is used for hybrid automation, where the lots placed on a transport robot can be identified. All actions… Read more »

LotTrack DisTag on an 8“ Wafer Box

Special holder systems enables an optimal position of the DisTag on the 8″ wafer box. This allows an optimal operator assistance (inclination of the display and the LED). In addition, a small overhang of the DisTag on the wafer box avoids collisions during storage processes in stocker systems.

LotTrack DisTag on a 6“ Wafer Box

For ideal assistance, the LotTrack DisTag (large display, LED) must be attached to the 6″ wafer box at the optimum viewing angle to the operator. This is achieved by customer-specific mounting systems, e.g. snap-in mounts for easy mounting and removal of the DisTag from the wafer box.

LotTrack DisTag on a 4“ Waferbox

Due to the compact design of the DisTag COM, it can also be attached to a 4″ wafer box. In addition to the localization of a lot, the DisTag also enables operator assistance via the large display and the LED.

LotTrack DisTag LOC

The DisTag LOC enables the localization of reticles and supports search functions with an integrated LED. Due to its compact design, the DisTag LOC can be easily mounted on the reticle.

LotTrack ToolDisplay

The large LotTrack ToolDisplay is installed at tools. It provides operators with detailed information on each load port of the tool. The information for the ToolDisplay is provided by the customer’s IT automation systems. The ToolDisplay is controlled wirelessly via the LotTrack Antenna Infrastructure and can be easily retrofitted.