LeanOrder eKanban at Schulthess

Easy parts replenishment at assembly lines

Higher Employee Productivity

Assembly and transport employees are relieved of ordering and coordination tasks.

Cycle Time Optimization

Orders are reliably transmitted in real-time and errors are avoided.

Transparency on priorities

The eKanbanViewer immediately shows every employee all parts that are to be produced with priority.


Schulthess Maschinen AG has been producing washing machines and tumble dryers for private homes, apartment buildings and commercial enterprises for over 170 years. The assembly lines, pre-assembly and painting facilities are located in Schulthess’s 1’500 m2 production hall. An eKanban solution for material flow optimization is to be used in the course of a new concept for the assembly line.


The supply of large assembly parts to the assembly lines is carried out by means of special transport trolleys, which are equipped with parts from the pre-assembly line. Intellion has implemented the LeanOrder eKanban system with the LeanOrder PushTag, in order to enable the simple and secure triggering of a replenishment order at the assembly line, using the RFID-based PushTag. This allows for real-time information to the pre-assembly employees on the next parts that have to be produced.

As part of the LeanOrder Control Suite, employees have access to the eKanban Viewer, which shows a simple graphical prioritization of replenishment orders at each workstation, based on the current reserve times for replenishment.

Dr. Kai Millarg | Managing Partner

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