Easy ordering of B an C parts.

Using RFID technology, the LeanOrder platform ensures a simple and secure ordering process for every item. LeanOrder is successfully implemented and operated at over 600 industrial companies. LeanOrder operates around the clock, 7 days a week.

  • Handling Integrated Ordering

  • Wireless Communication

  • Easy Integration (Retrofit)

LeanOrder in Operation

The detectionShelf and the iPlacer explained interactively

The detectionShelf and the iPlacer explained interactively

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LeanOrder offers various ordering mechanisms which, depending on the means of production used on the shop floor, enable employees to easily trigger replenishment orders:

  • Rotation of a box (TurnTag, RotationTag),
  • Pushing a button (PushTag),
  • Placement of a box on a shelf (DetectionShelf),
  • Automatic weight measuring of articles in a box (WeightShelf, WeightSkid),
  • Automatic stock level measurement of articles in a box (LevelScan)
  • Inventory measurement by tracking the supply and removal of boxes in flow racks (ePlacer "Inventory" and "Checkout")

LeanOrder Benefits

Higher Employee Productivity

Operative employees are relieved from unnecessary tasks.

Process Reliability

Orders are automatically checked for plausibility and thus errors are avoided. A true material flow optimization becomes possible.

Easy Ordering

Turned - ordered. Placed - ordered. It couldn't be simpler.

Flexibly Usable at any Location

Ordering can be done in the production line, on a shelf, on a trolley or from any other thinkable place.

Retrofit - Easy Integration

No cables, no mechanics. Can be integrated into existing infrastructure.

Customer Specific Solution

The modular structure of the LeanOrder system enables a tailor-made solution.

System Architecture

LeanOrder's modular system architecture comprises three levels, each consisting of different components:

  • Wireless LeanOrder ordering systems, such as the TurnTag, PushTag or a DetectionShelf; these battery-powered devices are installed at boxes, shelves or workstations and allow easy triggering of a replenishment order by employees on the shop floor.
  • LeanOrder Controller: All ordering processes are wirelessly received by the LeanOrder Controller and transmitted via an M2M/ WLAN/ LAN connection to the LeanOrder Control Suite and from there to the customer's central IT system (ERP, MES).
  • LeanOrder Control Suite: The LeanOrder Control Suite software monitors all system components, checks the plausibility of orders and transmits them to the customer's IT systems.

The LeanOrder solution supports both, vendor managed inventory solutions (C-parts management by service providers) and electronic Kanban cycles (e-Kanban) for industrial customers. The two generic system architectures are presented below.

LeanOrder e-Kanban

LeanOrder e-VMI

LeanOrder e-Kanban

LeanOrder e-VMI


About LeanOrder



industrial customers worldwide rely on LeanOrder

> 300'000

replenishment places are managed daily


operation since > 10 years with highest availability


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