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LotTrack DisTag COM

The DisTag is the central component of the LotTrack system and the basis for functions such as operator assistance, automated tool starts as well as global and place-based localization. As an intelligent man-machine interface, it is attached to all wafer boxes or SMIF pods and integrates several innovative technologies. Its high-contrast, low-power display and pick-by-light… Read more »

LotTrack LoadPort Reader

The LotTrack LoadPort Reader enables Load & Go workflows for open-cassette fabs. The load ports of all tools in the fab are equipped with LoadPort Readers. LotTrack ID Cards with a 1D/2D barcode are attached to all wafer carriers. Alternatively, existing barcodes on the carriers can be used. When a carrier is placed on a… Read more »

LotTrack Position Identifier for SMIF Fabs

LotTrack Position Identifiers with a 1D/2D barcode are attached to smart positions such as SMIF load ports, shelves, workstations or trolleys. When a SMIF Pod with the DisTag is placed on a Smart Position, the DisTag recognizes the Position Identifier’s barcode through its built-in camera module. This enables precise area or position recognition on shelves,… Read more »

LotTrack Doorway Identifier

The LotTrack Doorway Identifier provides area-based localization, e.g. for doorways or predefined areas that can cover several meters. It is mounted to the cleanroom ceiling using Intellion’s proven ceiling mounting system, ensuring minimal mounting times.

LotTrack Zone Localizer

The LotTrack Zone Localizer enables the localization of wafer boxes and SMIF pods within predefined zones, such as in racks or on tables. The Zone Localizer is easily and quickly attached to the cleanroom ceiling, using Intellion’s proven ceiling mounting system.

LotTrack LoadPort Identifier for SMIF Fabs

In SMIF fabs, the LotTrack LoadPort Identifier is attached to all load ports of a tool. The DisTags are attached to SMIF Pods. When a SMIF Pod is placed on a load port, real-time authentication of the tool is performed by the DisTag, using the LoadPort Identifier. This enables a Load&Go workflow. Any type of… Read more »

LotTrack Antenna Line

The LotTrack Antenna Line interacts wirelessly with the LotTrack devices on the shop floor, such as the DisTag, LoadPort Identifier or LoadPort Reader. Its main functions are RFID communication with all wireless devices and global localization of wafer boxes and pods with an accuracy of up to 0.5 m. A LotTrack Antenna Line consists of… Read more »

LotTrack Antenna Module COM

The LotTrack Antenna Module COM communicates wirelessly via RFID with LotTrack devices (e.g. DisTag, LoadPort Identifier, LoadPort Reader and Zone Localizer). The Antenna Module COM is mounted to the cleanroom ceiling, using Intellion’s proven and simple ceiling mounting system (easy retrofit).